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These pictures were taken while we were in Ukraine!

Orphanage in Kivertsti

This is the Pre-School Orphanage in Kivertsi, Ukraine where Luke was living. By Ukraine standards, this is a small orphanage with only about 40 children ranging in age from 3 to 7 years.

Kids in Play yard at oprhanage

These are some of the children living at the oprhanage in Kiversti. Most of these children, though very small, are 5 years old.

First day we met Luke.

This picture was taken the first day we met Luke. The other children in the pricture are from his group. The little boy right behind him in the yellow shirt is Misha, the little girl with the pigtails is Katya, and that's Vahlie to the left.

Sasha, Jeff, Lisa, Lori and Natasha

This is a picture of us in Kivertsi. From the left is Sasha, our driver, Jeff and Lisa, Natasha our translator in white and Lori.

Luke and Galina

This is Luke and Galena the Director of the orphanage. Galena is a wonderful lady who truely loves the children. She was so excited that Luke and Chloe found their forever families!

Chloe and Lori, Luke and Jeff

This is Luke and his new daddy, and Aunt Lori and her new little daughter, Chloe. Luke and Chloe grew up in the orphange together and now they are cousins!

Children at Party

The day before we picked up the kids for good, we threw a big party for all of the children in the oprhanage and the caregivers! We brought cookies, pop and bananas for the kids and yummy cakes for the caregivers. We had a great time!


This is Luke and Nina the Assistant Director of the Orphanage. (The little girl's name is Anya.) Nina was so wonderful to us while we were at the orphanage...She said that Luke was her favorite! Luke really loved her!

Last Day at the Orphanage

This is us with the Director and Assistant Director of the orphanage. From the left is Nina holding Chloe, Lori, Galena, Lisa, and Jeff holding Luke.